Ignatov & Company Group - About - Who We Are

ICG Consulting, Inc is a group of market researchers and consultants providing world-class service for international clients since 1998. We cover developed markets like the US, Western Europe, Japan, or Canada, as well as emerging markets like BRICS, Central & Eastern Europe (including FSU), Central Asia and Caucasus, Caspian region and Western Asia, South and Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa. 
Our well-trained team of consultants, researchers, and analysts has gained special knowledge and good experience in market research, company intelligence, benchmarking, business intelligence and analytics, news syndication and aggregation, business and engineering consulting, and foresight for various kinds of clients.
Established at September 1998 our company now is a recognizable international player with more than 18 years of experience and thousands completed projects in multiple industries and markets worldwide.