Ignatov & Company Group - About - Our Staff

Our multinational team is capable to do market research and consulting in more than 100 countries worldwide, covering major developed and emerging economies.

The average work experience of our experts and consultants counts for 21 years, while 2/3 of our people have two or more "higher" degrees – we do not hire people directly after university and prefer to work with those having practical experience in governmental agencies and industry; our experts are not those “consultants” who know mining or chemical processing only by university textbooks – but they are professionals knowing well the industries and markets we are working in.

Working with international clients since 1998 our experts and consultants have excellent understanding of what kind of information is required and how it’s better to present it – but at the same time our people have deep skills in collecting the required data in the target markets as well as wide knowledge in how to make deals there. This allows us to successfully compete with local consultants (who have information but have no skills in appropriate delivery of such information to international customers) and with most of foreign consulting firms working in the emerging markets (despite they know well what information is required with their clients, they continue to collect data with methods applicable in the mature economies like the US - that is not effective in the emerging markets).