Ignatov & Company Group - Project scale: from local to globalOur team is capable to do market research and consulting projects of the different regional scale:

  1. Local: Sometimes our clients ask us to limit the coverage with any particular location within the target country, so we do; for instance, the European suppliers often want to get market information only for the European part of Russia (while Transurals seems to be to expensive in logistic terms); or sometimes we do local projects that cover only one particular city (usually customers in B2C industries want to concentrate efforts in such local level)
    • We do local projects in each country from our coverage list
    • All projects of this kind are done with our own staff
  2. Countrywide: One of two main "levels" for market research and consulting work done with our team - it covers the entire country
    • We do countrywide projects in each country from our coverage list
    • All projects of this kind are done with our own staff
  3. Regional: Another main "level" for market studies and consulting projects; it covers geographical macro-regions (such as "Latin America" or "Central & Eastern Europe") or few neighboring countries (like "Market study for the Balkan states"); currently we provide 100% coverage in most of the macro-regions we are working in; thus we cover 100% of the countries in CIS, Central & Eastern Europe; in few regions we cover the major countries that do 90% of the region's GDP (for instance, in Latin America we cover all countries except few small locations like Haiti, etc.)
    • We do regional projects mainly with own staff; however if a client wants 100% coverage in a region where we have "gaps" we usually involve local partners (for instance, we hired sub-contractors for Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait when doing projects in Western Asia - while other countries of the region were covered with our team, etc.)
    • We do regional projects in each region from our coverage list
  4. Global emerging economy: This level of coverage assumes market studies or consulting done in the entire "emerging world", that includes BRICS and smaller emerging markets; our clients from a count of large MNC sometimes want to get insight on market perspectives outside their native markets in North America or Western Europe - and here we are
    • In such type of projects we cover (with own staff) the regions from our coverage list; actually we have the capabilities in all significant transitive markets except China; for the Chinese part of the research or consulting projects we cooperate with our partners who have presence in that largest emerging economy
  5. Global projects: We do such projects for our MNC customers - as well as we are active participants of the large global market research projects done for the MNC clients with few of our partners (in such cases we are a member of "project consortium" or a sub-contractor for any particular partner