Ignatov & Company Group - Finances - News Services & MonitoringIgnatov provides News Services & Monitoring in Finances since 1998.

We have partner relations with governmental agencies responsible for financial markets regulation and standards, several large state-run and private banks (including central/national banks), insurance companies, stock exchanges, brokerage and asset management firms, industry unions and associations, etc.

We have abilities to search and aggregate news in local languages, to access governmental and industry sources (such as statistic databases, Central Banks’ sources, license and certification registers, best-practice-case databases, etc.).

Here is what we can cover as related to the financial news (but not limited to this):

  • Banking
    • Central (national) banks
    • Commercial banks
    • Investment banks
    • Private banking
  • Insurance
    • Insurance companies
    • Re-insurance
    • Insurance brokers
    • Actuary
    • Loss assessors
  • Security markets
    • Stock exchanges
    • Brokers
    • Depositories
  • Investment markets
    • Pension funds
    • Mutual funds
    • Asset management firms
  • Payment operators and systems
  • Financial stability
  • Customer base (individual customers; corporate customers; government as customer; regional authorities as customers)
  • Players (international, nationwide, regional)
  • Regulation
  • Market barriers and risks (legislative, corruption, technological requirements/standards, etc.)
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