Ignatov & Company Group - G2B, G2C & B2G - Market ResearchIgnatov provides Market Research in G2B (government-to-business), G2C (government-to-consumers) & B2G (business-to-government) since 1998. We have partner relations with numerous governmental agencies, lobbying groups, several large state-run corporations, etc. We have abilities to make interviews in local languages, to access governmental open sources.

We provide a wide variety of information, including (but not limiting with):

  • Country-level (federal) government
  • Regional authorities
  • Local authorities (municipalities)
  • Courts
  • Police and fire protection
  • Public health
  • Public education
  • Governmental regulators
  • Governmental agencies as customers for products and services; public bidding
  • State corporations, etc.
We do not provide information on military and defense, national security


In 1998-2009 we did more than 100 successful research, survey and consulting projects in G2B, G2C & B2G in Russia, Poland, Brazil, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Turkey, Romania, Czech Rep. and other countries; some most recent cases are listed below (in alphabetic order):

  • E-government in Kazakhstan
  • E-government in Poland
  • E-government in Russia
  • Fire safety regulation in Kazakhstan
  • Fire safety regulation in Russia
  • Procurement procedures with state corporations in Russia
  • Public bidding procedures in Brazil
  • Public bidding procedures in Czech Republic and Hungary
  • Regulation of lobbyist activities in Russia
  • Structure of federal authorities in Russia (interactive diagram)
  • Structure of regional authorities in 10 regions of Ukraine (interactive diagram)
  • Structure of regional authorities in 36 regions of Russia (interactive diagram)