Ignatov & Company Group - G2B, G2C & B2G - News Services & MonitoringIgnatov provides News Services & Monitoring in G2B (government-to-business), G2C (government-to-consumers) & B2G (business-to-government) since 1998. We have partner relations with numerous governmental agencies, lobbying groups, several large state-run corporations, etc. We have abilities to search and aggregate news in local languages, to access governmental news open sources (such as media, news sites, databases, etc.).

Here is what we can cover as related to the G2B, G2C & B2G news (but not limited to this):

  • Country-level (federal) government
  • Regional authorities
  • Local authorities (municipalities)
  • Courts
  • Police and fire protection
  • Public health
  • Public education
  • Governmental regulators
  • Governmental agencies as customers for products and services; state-run tenders
  • State corporations, etc.
We do not provide news on military and defense, national security.