Ignatov & Company Group - Emerging Markets Information StoreAre you looking for Russian steel market recent data? And what's about Mongolian coalmining or Poland's noise barrier market? Do you want to find the corporate information for a specific Czech company? Where is it possible to pick up sale figures for non-public entity registered in Armenia or Croatia? Do you need background data for any Ukrainian businessperson? And where did that Kazakh businessman work 10 years ago? Answers to these questions - as well as to many other similar requests - may be easily found in our Emerging Markets Information Store.

Emerging economies of our days are very attractive and potentially very lucrative for world business – but, at the same time, they can be perceived as very unstable and even unintelligible for global investors. In order to make sense of it all, it is very important to possess deep understanding as well as factual information about the markets, specifically related to their resources, people, authorities, culture, regions, and branches of economy, to name a few.

And this is what we do here - provide the deepest insight over the emerging economies to global investors, suppliers and customers. Chances are if you seek any information on specific companies, business groups, markets or persons, you will be able to locate and buy it easily in our online store.

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