Ignatov & Company Group - Online Products - Business Group ReportsSyndicated Business Group Reports provided with Ignatov & Company are unique informational product; they contain information on business groups and conglomerates, including financial-industrial groups and state corporations, in Russia, Central and Eastern Europe, Central and Western Asia, Latin America and Africa. Such reports may be easily bought in our Emerging Markets Information Store.

Business groups have a great importance in most of the emerging markets, especially in the former Soviet Union states. For instance, 32 largest financial-industrial groups made almost 51% in Russia’s GDP in 2008 – the same as done with all other players, such as Federal Government, regional authorities, foreign investors, SMB and households. In general Russia has the same organization of economy as Japan or South Korea, where Keiretsu and Chaeboli are similar business conglomerates as the Russian "financial-industrial groups".

To get more information about the Russian groups - read our article "Who Owns Russia: 32 Largest Business Groups Make 51% of GDP" published recently in Emerging Markets Venue blog.


All Business Group Reports are provided in one of two editions:

Business Group Profile - a brief overview of the target group; it's usually a 2-5 page document with brief description of its history and current activities; major stakeholders (companies and personalities); competitive positions in particular countries and markets. In total our Business Group Profiles are good to make the first - and general - impression over the target group, and to decide if to dig in further, with Business Group Comprehensive Report or bespoke company intelligence project. 

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Market Comprehensive Report - it's a full-scale document with 100% of the business group information we want to syndicate, such as description of its history, past and current activities; organization and structure; stakeholders (companies and personalities); products and services; competitive positions in particular countries and markets; lobbying strength; consolidated financials; SWOT-analysis, etc.  

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