Ignatov & Company Group - Online Products - Personality ReportsSyndicated Personality Reports provided with Ignatov & Company are unique informational product; they contain information on the richest and the most influential businesspersons in Russia, Central and Eastern Europe, Central and Western Asia, Latin America and Africa: biography, education, classmates, career, business property and shareholding, partners and opponents. Such reports may be easily bought in our Emerging Markets Information Store.

Ignatov & Company has strong experience in providing personality intelligence - thus we assisted the Forbes Magazine in making the annual World's Billionaires Lists in 2005-2011.  

All Personality Reports are provided in one of two editions:

Personality Profile - a brief overview of the target group; it's usually a 5-10 page document with the basic level of intelligence over the target businessperson – such as education, present occupation, brief description for business assets and activities. In total our Personality Profiles are good to make the first - and general - impression over the target person, and to decide if to dig in further, with Personality Comprehensive Report or bespoke intelligence project. 

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Personality Comprehensive Report - it's a full-scale document with 100% of the  information we want to syndicate, such as  education, past and present occupation; detailed description for business assets and activities, shareholding; key business partners and team members, ties with politicians and officials; reputation, involvement in scandals, court litigations, etc.

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