Ignatov & Company Group - Real Estate - News Services & MonitoringIgnatov provides News Services & Monitoring in Real Estate since 2002. We have partner relations with governmental agencies responsible for regulation, several large realty operators and developers, constructors, architects, etc. We have abilities to search and aggregate news in local languages, to access governmental and industry news sources (such as industry media, news sites, industry associations, databases, etc.).  

Here is what we can cover as related to the Real Estate news (but not limited to this):

  • Residential segment
    • Multi-storey buildings
    • Detached and semi-detached housing
    • Residential development
  • Non-residential segment
    • Office (including governmental buildings)
    • Commercial (retail outlets, supermarkets, etc.)
    • Public spaces (including schools, hospitals, stadiums, etc.)
    • Hotels
  • Industrial segment
    • Manufacturing facilities
    • Warehouses
    • Cold store facilities
    • Food-processing facilities
    • Agricultural buildings
    • Airports
  • Land areas 
  • Prices
  • Development
  • Regulation
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