Ignatov & Company Group - Recreation - Market ResearchIgnatov provides Market Research in Recreation since 2008. We have partner relations with governmental agencies responsible for regulation, several large constructors, recreation facility operators and recreation service providers. 

We have abilities to make interviews in local languages, to access governmental and industry sources (such as realty registers, license and certification registers, best-practice-case databases, etc.).

Here is what we can research as related to the Recreation markets:

  • Hotels & motels
  • Sport facilities
  • Sport clubs
  • Children parks
  • National parks
  • Zoo
  • Travel agencies & operators
  • Hobby markets
  • Outdoor and adventure recreation (including hunting and fishing)  
  • Therapeutic (medical) recreation
  • Elderly recreation
  • Disabled persons recreation


In 2008-2010 we did more than 40 successful research, survey and consulting projects in Recreation in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Romania, Czech Rep., Slovakia, Spain, UK and few other countries; some most recent cases are listed below (in alphabetic order): 


  • Bed & Breakfast hotels in Warsaw
  • Children park market in CEE
  • Children park market in Western Europe
  • Cultural tourism in Poland
  • Cultural tourism in Spain
  • Cultural tourism in the Danube countries
  • Hotel construction in Kazakhstan
  • Hotel construction in the Balearic islands
  • Hunting market in Moscow area
  • Hunting market in the Northern Russia
  • Luxury hotels market in London
  • Luxury hotels market in Poland and Czech Republic
  • Medical tourism in Israel
  • Spa tourism in Czech Republic
  • Sport club market in Bucharest
  • Sport club market in Warsaw
  • Summer resort market in Spain
  • Summer resort market in Turkey
  • Travel insurance market in Ukraine
  • Wildlife tourism in Siberia
  • Winter tourism in Russia
  • Zoo market in CEE