Ignatov & Company Group - Our Services - BenchmarkingWe provide Benchmarking services to our global clients since 1998.

Comparing own business indicators vs. those with competitors or average in the market is a good tool to understand your strengths and weaknesses.

We do Benchmarking as part of Market Research, Company Intelligence, Business Consulting, and Engineering Consulting – and as standalone projects; currently we support the following types of Benchmarking projects:

We use various sources for benchmarking data – making interviews with stakeholders, customer surveys as well as actively utilizing online and offline databases and other desk sources (such as corporate financial reports, etc.).

We do entire Benchmarking projects – but also may provide job in Benchmarking particular stages:

  • Identification and adjustment of benchmarking indicators
  • Identification and selection of companies to compare with
  • Identification of data sources for benchmarking indicators
  • Benchmarking data collection (with surveys/interviews, databases and other desk sources)
  • Benchmarking calculations
  • Analysis of benchmarking results

Thus our customers may select either we do a Benchmarking entire project – or just any part of it (while other parts to be completed with a client or third parties).