Ignatov & Company Group - Benchmarking - Price BenchmarkingPrice Benchmarking is probably the most known kind of benchmarking work; it works in two directions – a) to compare your prices for products/services with the rivals’ ones; and b) to compare your incoming prices for raw materials, services and other stock with prices paid with your competitors or with prices your suppliers use in relations with their other clients.

We provide Price Benchmarking services with a wide range of options:

1. By product identity:
  • Price benchmarking for identical products
  • Range price benchmarking for products different in color, size, etc.
  • Price benchmarking for services
2. By supply chain level:
  • Manufacturer (Ex-Works) prices  
  • Wholesale prices
  • Distributor/dealer prices
  • Retail prices
  • E-Commerce prices
3. By product type:
  • Prices for stock-traded commodities and other standardized products
  • Prices for simple products with low number of components and options
  • Prices for complex products with large number of components and options (like machinery, equipment, etc.)
  • Prices for standardized services
  • Prices for unique and customized services
4. By geography:
  • Local prices
  • Regional prices
  • Nationwide prices
  • Export prices
  • Import prices
5. By type of price agreement:
  • Direct negotiation prices
  • Contract prices
  • Public offer prices
  • Tender prices
  • Auction prices
  • Indicative prices
  • Exchange prices
  • Sale prices
  • Discounts, rebates, etc.
6. By time factor:
  • Current spot prices
  • Past spot prices
  • Future prices
  • Seasonal prices