Ignatov & Company Group - Our Services - Business Intelligence & AnalyticsWe provide a wide variety of Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Analytics (BA) services to its global clients since 2003.

We are neither “data processing” company nor BI/BA-solutions vendor; focusing our efforts in emerging markets research and consulting we provide BI/BA services as part of the wider approach:

  1. We always analyze data – as well as the data-derivative information – in the context of the specific market situation; data processing and analysis are done to find obvious and hidden patterns that may be presented either as “market research findings” or as “market recommendations”
  2. Thus we apply BI/BA techniques only to the data that a) refer emerging markets we are working in, and b) refer industries we cover; for instance, we can do a BI/BA project that targets let’s say sales data for coal in India or garment in Poland – but we’ll reject the project with data for coal in Australia (this country is not our target market) or battle helicopters in Latin America (we do not cover defense industries anywhere)
  3. The data provided with the client make the major contribution in BI/BA projects (as if we work with non-client’s - “external” – data, it’s not BI/BA but Market Research or Company Intelligence); we try to find the useful “insights” and “hints” inside the client’s business itself. However at some later stage of the BI/BA process – usually when identifying and analyzing patterns – we may expand the data sets with a) competitors’ data (thus it includes Benchmarking approach); b) aggregated and averaged data – from our own survey databases – for the particular market (thus it adds Market Research techniques); and c) open source data, such as published articles and news. Such “additives” serve for a single goal – to analyze client’s internal information (hidden in the data) in the context of a particular market with its competitor-shared metrics