Ignatov & Company Group - Business Intelligence - Business Intelligence OutsourcingWe provide our clients Internal Source Business Intelligence service since 2003.

The service assumes our client has large volume of internal (corporate) data (like corporate databases or even data warehouses, news collections and similar sources) and wants to identify and utilize the market and management information hidden in such data. Many of the companies do such job with own force – and it’s a good approach: numerous BI software solutions are available in the market now, large corporations hold data builders and analysts in their staff, and the company fully controls the process.

However BI outsourcing becomes more and more popular – due to its advantages, such as the fact clients do not think which BI/BA software to use, how to coordinate the joint work between the corporate data builders, market analysts and salespersons, where to get rivals’ data for benchmarking, etc. And this is what we do – provide outsourcing for Business Intelligence in Internal Sources.

In addition to these outsourcing benefits we provide the “added value” to our clients – creating the unique synergy of the emerging markets deep knowledge with data analysis state-of-the-art computer-based techniques. We suggest not just data processing/analysis – but a complex service “Data processing + Data analytics + Market knowledge/analysis + Benchmarking + Recommendations”; and all this targets the particular industries in the specific emerging markets – those we know well.