Ignatov & Company Group - Company Intelligence - Business Group IntelligenceMost of "large business" in the emerging markets is presented not with single companies, but with business groups and conglomerates. Such groups have a great importance, especially in the former Soviet Union states. For instance, 32 largest financial-industrial groups made almost 51% in Russia’s GDP in 2008 – the same as done with all other players, such as Federal Government, regional authorities, foreign investors, SMB and households. In general Russia has the same organization of economy as Japan or South Korea, where Keiretsu and Chaeboli are similar business conglomerates as the Russian "financial-industrial groups".

When you have deals with any entity within such group (no matter if it's a customer, rival or potential partner) it's necessary to know well not only the company itself, but also the entire group's background; usually decision-making process in the groups is centralized at the level of the holding (management) company, and it's better directly go there rather than to lose time negotiating powerless managers.

Here is what we do: our team provides Business Group Intelligence since 1998; we are able to provide the following information for any particular business group in our target emerging markets:

  • Origin
  • History
  • Description for business activities
  • Description for political activities
  • Lobbying strength
  • Organizational structure
  • Territorial organization
  • Industry organization
  • Management in the group
  • Owners
  • Other key influencers
  • Companies within the group
  • Products and services
  • Domestic sales
  • Export activities
  • Competitive positions in particular markets
  • Competitive positions in particular countries
  • Consolidated sales
  • Sales by industry
  • Sales by key regional markets
  • Domestic sales vs. export
  • Efficiency
  • SWOT-analysis
  • Major trends


Company Intelligence type
Business Group Intelligence is a type of Company Intelligence work done with our team. Other types include Competitor Intelligence, Customer IntelligenceDistributor Intelligence, Partner Intelligence, M&A Target Intelligence, and Personality Intelligence.