Ignatov & Company Group - Company Intelligence - Partner IntelligenceYour company is seeking a reliable business partner in one of the emerging markets, asking numerous questions like: Which companies in the particular country may become our partners? What kind of business are these companies involved in? Do these companies have contacts with criminal groups? Are they involved into corruption activities? Who are the key decision-makers in these companies? Do these companies have ties with our competitors? How can we work with these companies?

We are able to provide the following information for each of the target partners (existing or potential):

  • Shareholding
  • Management
  • Key financials per last 3-5 years
  • Organizational structure
  • Sale and servicing organization
  • Territorial structure, branches/offices
  • Domestic & export markets
  • Products and services
  • Existing partner ties
  • Marketing and promotional activities
  • Sale strategies (rebates, marketing support, sales support)
  • Plans for the next 5-7 years
  • Key customers
  • Pricing policy
  • Modernization programs
  • Cooperation strategy and policy
  • Key decision maker(s)
  • SWOT analysis
  • Benchmarking (cost, price, performance, efficiency, etc.)
  • Company’s reputation
  • Market-entry and penetration strategies


Partner Search

In some cases our clients ask us to find them local partners (for JV launch or for any other type of cooperation, except the dealership and acquisition). First of all we collect data of companies which potentially could be interested in starting co-operation with our client. This is based mainly on desk research, sometime we do a short call to them.

The next phase, conducted after client's approval, considers contacting the listed companies and trying to establish:

  • Who is the person responsible for the strategy and partnerships
  • What are the first impressions about co-operation offer,
  • When to contact again.

All companies that have received the offer should be called again within 7-10 days. If the person has not decided yet we should check what are the reasons for lack of the decision. It is possible that our offer was incomplete, target company has some questions or our offer was simply forgotten or lost. In such case our action is required.

The marketing phase of the project finishes with having a short list of companies which are (1) the best candidates for becoming a partner (2) that are interested in cooperation with our client. The companies are be presented to the client in the form of a report containing profiles of presented companies, contact data and our recommendations. Data needed to prepare such a report are collected in secondary and primary sources, sometime we visit the company in case we have not found enough good quality information about them in checked sources. 


Company Intelligence typePartner Intelligence is a type of Company Intelligence work done with our team. Other types include Competitor Intelligence, Customer IntelligenceDistributor Intelligence, M&A Target Intelligence, Business Group Intelligence, and Personality Intelligence.