Ignatov & Company Group - Company Intelligence - Personality IntelligenceEach business endeavor has a particular person or a group of persons standing behind. Sometimes to understand your rival's strategy or your potential customer's intentions it's necessary to clearly comprehend the decision-makers. Such insight usually covers person's background - from what university (s)he graduated (as it may provide a person with a network of influential classmates) to business biography, that may assist in understanding the origins of his/her current strengths and weaknesses. Here is what we do: Ignatov & Company Group provides Personality Intelligence services since 1998.

Ignatov & Company has strong experience in providing personality intelligence - thus we assisted the Forbes Magazine in making the annual World's Billionaires Lists in 2005-2011.  

We do not provide information on the governmental officials, military and police officers, even if there are evidences any person of such kind may be involved in business activities or shareholding. Note: parliament deputies are not "governmental officials" and thus we provide information on such personalities.


We are able to provide the following information for any particular business person in our target emerging markets:

  • Date and place of birth
  • Education
  • Influential classmates (if any)
  • Past occupation
  • Past business activities
  • Present occupation
  • Present business activities
  • Membership in business unions, associations, clubs, charity and non-profit organizations
  • Participation in business groups
  • Participation in ethnic clans  
  • Business assets
  • Shareholding
  • Key business partners
  • Key members of the team
  • Ties with politicians and officials
  • Key business opponents
  • Reputation
  • Participation in scandals and conflicts (if any)
  • Court litigations (if any)
  • Criminal ties (if any)
  • Business addresses   
We do not provide personal data - such as non-business assets (in particular about houses where the persons or their families live), home addresses, underage children.


Company Intelligence typePersonal Intelligence is a type of Company Intelligence work done with our team. Other types include Competitor Intelligence, Customer IntelligenceDistributor Intelligence, Partner Intelligence, M&A Target Intelligence, and Business Group Intelligence.