Ignatov & Company Group - Engineering & Technology Consulting - Permitting ConsultingIt's a complex and long process to receive all necessary permissions for any industrial project, from a plant construction to technology modernization, in the emerging markets. Numerous central and regional governmental agencies are involved into the process - as well as test labs, certification firms, engineering survey providers, etc. How is it possible to know all these requirements and to fulfill them without bribery or losing years?

We have excellent experience in permitting consulting in the former USSR states and the countries of Central & Eastern Europe. Read the case study below to better understand our approach in permitting consulting.

Case study  


Our client - a western manufacturing company - decided to build an industrial facility in Russia; a client asked us to consult over permission procedures in Russia and to control how the local certification authorities and test labs do their job for a client.


We developed a step-by-step permitting schema for a client to pass through numerous legal procedures:

  • Construction permitting process - that consisted of few important stages:
  • Certification - confirmation of conformity of products or services to any national (international) standards; it was necessary to pass through three kinds of certification
    • Conformity certification
    • Fire safety certification
    • Sanitary-epidemiological certification
  • Safety evaluation (“otsenka sootvetstviya trebovaniyam bezopasnosti”) – the process is similar to certification, called “results of evaluation” (or “results of expertise”) - not a “certificate”. Included:
    • Building safety evaluation
    • State ecological expertise
    • Expertise of industrial safety in hazardous manufacturing objects
    • Sanitary-epidemiological expertise
    • Fire safety expertise
  • Permission for use (“razresheniye na primeneniye gostekhnadzora”) – was required for:
    • Permission for use of hazardous machinery and equipment
    • Permission for use of energy equipment
  • Licensing – a process of granting license for the right to begin specific activity
  • State control (“gosudarstvenny nadzor”) – a state-run control over some processes implemented with industrial plants


Our client could pass through all the listed above procedures with acceptable budget and timeframe, and began to build a new manufacturing facility in one of the Russian regions.

Currently we suggest our clients a report titled "Construction and modernization of industrial facilities in Russia: regulation and permitting process" that contains detailed description for all stages of permitting process, requirements to application documents, contact details of the federal agencies and their regional divisions. The report also contains summaries for the actual regulation documents (federal laws, governmental decrees, documents adopted with the governmental agencies, etc.) and their full texts in Russian. The report may be bought in our Emerging Markets Information Store - click here to open the report's page in the store.