We have excellent experience in analysis of existing and prospective technologies as well as in the search for the appropriate (optimal) technologies for our clients. Read the case study below to better understand our approach in technology analysis & search.

Case study


A chemical producer from the Eastern Europe decided to restructure its business – with the key goal to transform from commodity chemicals producer into a high added value chemicals supplier. They wanted to increase the role of a specialty chemicals division – in particular to redirect commodity chemicals (produced with the company) from market deliveries to captive use for specialty chemicals production.


We suggested to a client a multi-stage approach for a new strategy development, assessment and implementation.

Technology analysis & search was done at stage 5 – with the key goals: a) to split the client’s existing technologies into 2 categories – those that may be upgraded/modernized, and those out-of-date that have to be replaced completely; the split was done based on comparison of technologies with those used at competitors’ side as well as in terms of their economic efficiency and material costs; b) to find newer technologies for replacement of out-of-dates ones; to find suppliers of technologies/equipment as well as of upgrade solutions; c) preliminary assessments for new/upgrade technologies – in terms of the required investments, financial efficiency, timeframe required for replacement/upgrade


A complex development strategy was developed for a client – including a) recommendations for upgrade and replacement of the client’s technologies, and b) recommendations for modernization of the client’s existing assets, including feasibility study for such programs.

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