Ignatov & Company Group - Foresight - Country ForesightCountries – as combination of population, society, business (markets and industries), and government – are among the foresight primary targets with our clients.

Emerging countries – especially such large ones as Russia, Brazil or SAR – will play more and more important role in the global economy and policy; and thus it’s clear why more and more multinational companies need foresight for these countries.

In 1998-2016 we did several successful Country Foresight projects; some of them are listed below (in alphabetic order):

  • Azerbaijan 2015 foresight
  • Brazil 2020 foresight
  • Central Asia 2015 foresight
  • Kazakhstan 2025 foresight
  • Poland in EU 2015 foresight
  • Russia in the globalization era (foresight for years 2000-2010 done for the governmental customer in 2000)