Ignatov & Company Group - Foresight - Technology ForesightForesight in the technology domain is the most known kind of foresight activity; moreover, it’s possible to say that it was technology foresight that shaped the foresight techniques in the 1980-1990s, techniques we use until now.

Our international team of market experts, engineers and scientists may provide in-depth foresight in various technologies – working as expert group or/and foresight facilitator. Being presented with people from the different countries – from Russia to Brazil, from South Africa to India – our team can take into account the global, not particular, trends and tendencies.

In 1998-2016 we did several successful Technology Foresight projects; some of them are listed below (in alphabetic order):

  • Coalmining technologies foresight 2020
  • CRM 2015
  • Gas-driven vehicles foresight 2015
  • Geothermal foresight 2025
  • Plastics in automotive foresight 2025
  • Rail transportation 2020