Ignatov & Company Group - Market Research - Supply Chain & Distribution studyYour company is ready to launch or expand its operations in any of the emerging markets, and you want to know more about possible and optimal distribution channels: What kinds of possibilities for distribution does exist in the target market? What kinds of distribution channels are relevant for our company? What distribution channels do our competitors utilize there? How can we start or expand our sales in the area?

It’s not enough only to know who supplies this or that product or service and to whom – understanding of supply organization in the target market is not the less important thing; we provide comprehensive analysis for supply chains and distribution organization:

  • Supply organization in the target market
  • Diagram of relationship between the various levels of market participants (product/service flow, influence)
  • Likely future changes in market structure
  • Direct sales with producers
  • Affiliated and non-affiliated distributors
  • Retail level
  • Channel structure
  • Nationwide, regional and local retail networks
  • Sale strategies (rebates, marketing support, sales support)
  • Marketing communication & promotion activities
  • Logistics 
Market Research phaseSupply Chain & Distribution study is one of the phases in our Market Research typical project. Other phases include Market Assessment, Market Forecast, Customer base study, Competition study, Regulation study, and Overall Analysis.