Ignatov & Company Group - Transportation - Company IntelligenceIgnatov provides Company Intelligence in Transportation since 1998. We have partner relations with governmental agencies responsible for transportation and regulation, several large state-run and private transportation operators, including national rail companies, shipping companies, international airports, national and low-cost airlines, etc. We have abilities to make interviews in local languages, to access governmental and industry sources (such as vehicles or vessel registers, Custom offices’ import and export records, license and certification registers, best-practice-case databases, etc.).

In addition to common information (company’s financials, organization, management, etc.) we provide industry-specific intelligence on transport companies, such as:

  • Fleet (locomotives, rail cars; trucks; buses; vessels, etc.)
  • Traffic management
  • Effectiveness indicators (like sales per rail car or fuel consumption)
  • Supply (fuel, new vehicles, etc.)
  • Safety, etc.